The safety and health of my clients is of the upmost importance to me. I had a pretty strict cleaning regimen before and it's pretty much the same (clean sheets for each person, wipe down the table, wipe counters and everything), we just added Lysol the room and cleaning door handles and sink faucets and what not between every client as well. We also reorganized the shop (got rid of all porous surfaces and replaced them with things easy to wipe down. There is an additional form for you to sign saying you and all household members are symptom free, as well as a temperature check. I wear a mask the whole time and you are more than welcome to, however we don't require you to.

Currently I feel it is safe to be open and am constantly monitoring and reevaluating the situation. If anything changes this site will be updated and you can see our Facebook page for changes as well. If I can answer any other questions or help you schedule an appointment please contact me!

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What we are doing during Covid19