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Em.body Massage, LLC

You are the focus throughout your visit to Em.body!
Your treatments aren't just restorative, they have preventative advantages as well. From improving your range of motion to releasing toxins so they can be flushed from the body. Massage is an important aspect of your health. Emotionally, massage helps you feel better about yourself and relaxes the body. Physically, it improves circulation, muscle tone, range of motion, as well as provide pain relief. Come enhance your health and improve every aspect of your life; body, mind, and soul, with our treatments.

Each massage treatment is tailored to the individual client to restore, replenish, and relax aching muscles while nourishing the mind. Additional services including hand and foot treatments, and herbal body wraps are offered to enhance each visit. You will leave your massage experience rejuvenated and ready to take on your day.

 About Me

License number: MT009707
Ema believes in the healing process of massage therapy. She has a long

and personal interest in healing and the arts. She began studying massage

benefits while still in junior high and high school for most every project 

assigned! Having been a dancer in her teens she experienced an injury and 

spent time with physical and massage therapists. Her love of art had her

 earning her AAS in Fine Arts before pursuing her massage training.